Projects I’ve built to solve a problem or just for fun.

I’ve worked on a lot of projects across multiple domains (web, backend, mobile) over the years but these are the ones that I’m most proud of.

  • Biosis API

    Biosis is a platform that helps farmers manage their fertilisation schedule by reminding them on the daily basis about the amount and type of fertilisers to use, the reminder also takes into consider the weather conditions via an open weather api. The project is built using Python, Django, AWS, Firebase (for auth and push notifications) completely deployed on AWS and automated devops using Terraform and GitlabCI. It is by far the project I am most proud of.

    Source Code

  • Flutter BMI app

    This is a flutter app for calculating BMI (Body Mass Index). It has custom styling (custom ui components) and implements concepts like Routing, State Management etc.

    Source Code

  • Lights Out

    This is a react version of the popular board game. It is simple but utilizes the core concepts of react like state, props, leveling up the state, passing props as functions etc. It also uses a library called react-spring for the smooth logo animation!

    Source Code